How to Achieve Financial Goals

How to achieve financial goals

How to Achieve Financial Goals

Most people say their financial goal is to ‘make money’. That’s a good goal, but the issue is that it’s not specific enough.  Whether its a product or a service, you have to work backwards from your goal and establish micro-goals.  I like to look at the next 30-60 days.  You have twelve 30 day segments in a year right?  So, if you have your 1 year goal divide that by 12 and then you have a much more manageable task.  You then know how much you need to sell or provide in that 30 days to meet that goal.  This is how to achieve financial goals .


‘The number-one reason you will fail, and your business will fail is the inability to sell products in quantities great enough and at margins high enough. That is the only reason.’ Grant Cardone


Rich Business People Have Three Financial Intentions:

  1. Have a very high working income – Everything becomes much more attainable and faster if you have a good working capital.  Utilizing credit properly is a good way to do this if you are pursuing the right avenues.

  2. Create passive income – I like to think of this as staying well diversified and having several sources that are on auto-pilot.  Whether it be a published book, or a business system that has an automated funnel.

  3. Dramatically enhance the value of their company – I always try and figure out ways to make things better.  If you are not improving, you are falling behind is one of my favorite quotes.

how to achieve your financial goals

Rich people understand that business is simply two components:

  1. Buying or creating something – You not only need a product or service, but it has to solve a problem for people.
  2. Selling it for more – What ever it is costing you to produce or provide, you obviously have to sell that for more to make a profit.

Do you create financial intentions?

Are they wishy-washy?

Do you need to create financial intentions that are more in line with your financial goals?

Are they solid and moving you forward?

Get your goals down in writing, you will be amazed at how this highlights what you need to do to achieve them.  This really emphasizes the point that you need to work on your business and not in your business.

When you know how to achieve financial goals , you have to continue to evaluate and adjust.

Feel free to contact me with your questions.  Please leave a comment below.

And, here is to our success!


Jeff Hilbrecht

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